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Alcorn McBride controls Noginsk Museum’s multimedia WWI exhibit

The Noginsk Museum, Moscow has chosen to commemorate the start of World War I with a multimedia exhibition, called “Breakthrough”, featuring a 360° projection mapped presentation, with surround audio.

The exhibition tells the story of the city of Noginsk and the social aspects of warfare and history. The projection mapping comes from six edge-blended, ceiling-mounted Panasonic projectors and Alcorn McBride controls the audio and AV system.

A3V, LLC provided AV design, engineering, integration and installation services for the project, which aims to bring military history closer to visitors and make them feel part of “The Forgotten War.”

“For overall control of the AV system we wanted to use Alcorn McBride’s state-of-the-art VCore controller, which is lightweight, compact and has a robust design,” said Sergey Naumenkov, MD at A3V. “We knew we could just set it up and let it run for years with no maintenance.”

The upstairs of the museum features a series of displays where rare military photos, weapons and other memorabilia tell the story of the Bogorodsky Regiment’s role in World War I. Samsung LED monitors are mounted above the displays which play archival footage.

All of the media in the museum is on a network to permit overall control and to promote easy synchronisation among elements. Naumenkov noted: “Each morning, the entire AV system is started by a single button press; similarly, at the end of the day, a single button press closes down all the AV-based exhibits. During museum hours docents can manually control all of the exhibits, schedule presentations and synchronise media by using an Apple iPad and Alcorn McBride’s ShowTouch for iOS.”

In addition, Alcorn McBride’s 8TraXX multichannel audio player is used for background music and exhibit-specific sound effects throughout the museum..

Naumenkov concluded: “We use Alcorn McBride gear for most of our installations because all of their equipment is extremely reliable, easy to operate, requires zero maintenance and their customer support is fantastic. Taking into account that this site is quite remote, we knew that employing their equipment for “Breakthrough” was a must.”