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Kinly appoints product manager, immersive collaboration

Mark Faugstad's role as product and business development manager – immersive collaboration, will be to drive Kinly’s product innovation strategy

Kinly has announced the appointment of Mark Faugstad as product and business development manager – immersive collaboration. Faugstad has worked in the virtual, extended, and augmented reality industry for the past 15 years. During his time in the sector, Faugstad has held a variety of senior management positions at Dreamtek, Vision3, and White Light.

Based in the UK, Faugstad will report directly to Simon Watson, global head of innovation. In his new role Faugstad will drive Kinly’s product innovation strategy.

This includes engaging with industry thought leaders, vendors, and research bodies, to gather data and report on emerging trends and opportunities. Faugstad will also collaborate with senior leadership to set priorities, create business cases, and define targets for new products or solution developments.

Faugstad ’s focus extends beyond initial product creation. He will also work closely with Kinly’s commercial, technical, and sales management teams to align product and service roadmaps with the companies’ commercial strategies and objectives. This collaborative approach is intended to ensure a focus on the entire product lifecycle, from development through to optimisation.

Simon Watson, global head of innovation, said: “Mark has an impressive background in the VR/XR/AR industry. Previous roles include developing 3D VR experiences for immersive training and location-based applications, including a VR experience on ocean pollution for museums and a Microsoft HoloLens 2 social experience focused on orca migration, along with working on well-known motion picture projects. As such, his extensive expertise will significantly enhance the credibility of Kinly’s commitment to a continuously evolving immersive collaboration solution set.”

He added: “Mark is dedicated to collaborating with end users to define workflow-based solutions that enhance clients’ business efficiencies through the strategic use of immersive collaboration tooling. He will undoubtedly be a key asset in driving XR Studio product forward for Kinly.”

Faugstad commented: “Kinly’s commitment to developing an immersive collaboration product portfolio is what made the decision to join the team so easy. The new immersive products will unlock endless collaboration possibilities and it aligns perfectly with my passion for driving innovation and creating meaningful impact for clients.”