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Exclusive: disguise partnerships manager on ISE 2022

Fabrizio Silvestre enthuses about 2022 events

Did you exhibit or attend ISE and/or InfoComm?
This year, disguise exhibited at ISE and attended Infocomm. 

What are your thoughts on this year’s event/s – as an exhibitor and/or attendee?
We are very pleased with the results of ISE 2022. There are several factors that have contributed towards the success of the show this year, beginning with the fact that the show was well attended, which was very positive to see given the uncertainties still remaining post pandemic. In addition, the new venue was very well received by our team and seemed to have had a positive impact overall. The quality of the exhibitors’ stands is also worth remarking, probably exacerbated by the long pause created by the pandemic hiatus, leading to a cumulation of a brilliant line-up of technological innovation showcased at the show.

Is there anything you think can be done to improve?
The show was everything we were expecting this year. We are not able to pick up on any improvements needed.

If you exhibited at either/both event/s, how did you find the footfall and the quality of attendees?
Overall, we have been surprised by the busy footfall and the quality of attendees for this years’ ISE. The new waves resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent impact on company budgets threatened to impact the turnout to large industry events. But thankfully by the time ISE happened in May, most restrictions had been lifted and the general industry trend seemed to be that companies and individuals wanted to get back to the show floor, leading to a very positive turnout of 48,000 attendees and over 700 exhibitors showcasing their new technology.

With ISE, what did you think of the new venue?
The Fira is a great venue, we found the space very accessible and easy to move around.

As an exhibitor, have you rebooked to either/both events for 2023?
Yes, we are happy to announce that disguise will be attending ISE 2023. 

As an attendee, will you be returning to either/both events in 2023?

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