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Xounts unveils Alexa integration

Amazon’s Alexa has been integrated into Xounts UP, the sound pyramid that offers music, smart design and atmospheric light for brands that want to take AV in a different direction. Xounts has launched Xounts UP with Alexa here at ISE today to allow voice control for music playback, volume and lighting within the triangular display for branding.

Oliver Richter, Xounts CEO and founder, said: “Xounts is a modular system. This means you can always implement the newest tools inside; in fact, Alexa can be integrated into existing generations of Xounts UP. This means you don’t have to throw away your older components.”

He added: “We are not only focusing on the B2B install market with this product, but also the end-user who wants great sound in the home, the office or conference room. With Xounts, you can fill up the whole room with sound. If you like great sound with branding, that’s where we come in,” added Richter.
Xounts Generation 1 was launched five years ago.

Stand: 14-C190