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Projectors protected, come rain or shine

Exact Solutions’ new Outdoor Projector Housings can cope with sudden rain, temperature fluctuations or dust. The housing is designed to allow the projector to remain in the original rental frame, and benefit from all adjustment options that come with it. 

Cable management is simple and robust using Exact’s multi-cable entry frame to guide wiring. This means there is no need to worry about connector standards or additional signal damping. 

The housings are lightweight and modular to minimise storage space and reduce transport costs. They are compatible with most projectors and come in three sizes.

The company’s Universal Stacking System is designed to outlast generations of displays. The LED Stacking System can be used with as many brands as needed, within certain module sizes, and rental companies can use one stacking system for all their brands. This is good for the budget, and keeps the stock flexible and simple. There are only four components needed to build a wall.

Also new is Exact’s primeTouch no-Y, a customised infrared touch display that can cater for any type of touch installation, whether an immersive room, a curved wall or one with no vertical elements disturbing the image, and any number of touch points.