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Homing in on huddle rooms

Being showcased on the WyreStorm stand is the company’s approach to corporate AV solutions for meeting room and huddle room environments: combining its distribution and control products within a single all-inclusive, competitively priced kit.

WyreStorm’s huddle and meeting room concept was born out of its recognition that the majority of the more complex solutions on the market require significant configuration and are capable of far more functionality than the majority of customers will ever use. Similarly, the leaner solutions available don’t quite offer enough.

Adrian Ickeringill, WyreStorm EMEA general manager, explained why this is problematic for the customer: “For customers, the choice is typically to either go big and pay big for a system they will not fully use, which offers a poor return on a considerable investment. Or they can mix and match separate products from different manufacturers to try and create a system that meets their requirements, which complicates specification and installation; increasing the chance of compatibility issues and potential points of failure.”

Ickeringill continued: “With the WyreStorm Meeting Room Pack, we wanted to offer an unrivalled ease of use and connectivity for the end-user, with seamless switching, enhanced audio, simple room control using a static in-wall touchscreen and more advanced control with customers’ own mobile devices. This simplicity extends to the integrator, with ease of specification, installation and configuration thanks to one product code ordering with one price.”

The Meeting Room Pack itself centres around the WyreStorm SW-0501-HDBT 5×1 HDBaseT presentation switcher featuring WyreStorm’s own ScreenLink screen sharing and collaboration software, supporting both wired and wireless screen sharing from up to 26 Windows and Mac computers simultaneously.

Stand: 5-S100