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Explore the power of engagement at the Content Production & Distribution Summit

New for ISE 2023, the Content Production & Distribution Summit will examine the tools, technologies and techniques that are not only helping brands and broadcasters to create content quickly and cost effectively, but also enabling them to truly engage with their audience.

Taking place on the morning of Tuesday 31 January, the summit, sponsored by IABM, will explore how creativity and new technologies are being combined to offer new methods of not just creating material but also of distributing it. This includes the virtual sets and 3D creation engines being used in both broadcast and ‘non-broadcast’ – brands and corporate AV customers – and more recent delivery platforms, such as OTT streaming platforms and the SpaceX Starlink low earth orbit satellite internet system.

Other topics set to be discussed include remote production, monetisation and content gathering.

Sessions begin with a keynote from Taxto Benet, managing partner of Grup Mediapro, entitled ‘The Convergence of Video – There is No ‘Broadcast’, Only Content and Eyes (and Money!)’.  This will discuss how brands and corporations have been upping their content game in recent years and now not only use the same studios and production crews as the professionals, but also the professionals themselves along with their film directors and acting talent.

Later in the day, Lorenzo Zanni, head of knowledge at IABM, will present the association’s latest research on MediaTech Convergence, including why this phenomenon is happening and its implication for business and technology. In addition, Rick Allen, co-founder & CEO at Viewlift, and Francesc mas Peinado, project engineer at TV3 Catalynya, will discuss OTT, streaming and FAST delivery models, before Marc López Ribes, director at Catalunya Media City, takes attendees behind the scenes of the brand-new media city based in Barcelona that will be the driving force behind new content creation and delivery across southern Europe and beyond.

Other speakers include Marcus B. Broderson, CEO, Pixotope; BK Johannessen, Unreal Engine business director for broadcast and live events at Epic Games; and Michael McKenna, CEO & co-founder, Final Pixel.

Click to view the full Content Production & Distribution Summit agenda.

Registration for Content Production & Distribution Summit is open now.