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CCTV cameras are intelligent

The company’s latest range of VIM CCTV cameras – which the company notes all include inbuilt intelligence as standard – are being showcased by Visualint.

Visualint VIM cameras automatically analyse the scene they are looking at and the inbuilt intelligence then filters out background movement caused by trees, foliage and so on. Once this is complete, the cameras are able to detect any foreground movements and accurately track them.

This inbuilt intelligence can then be used to trigger events on the control system or to send a security alert off site. Unlike simple motion detection, notes Visualint, advanced features such as perimeter protection, loiter zones, and directional tripwires minimise the false alerts that have traditionally limited this technology.

Other than its intelligence, the VIM range is also said to deliver superior picture quality. The majority of the units within the range also include Starlight technology as standard, which Visualint explains means that the cameras are able to use very small amounts of ambient light to create night time colour pictures that are a substantial improvement on the grainy black and white images that are often seen.

Visualint is integrated into most home control systems as well as commercial security monitoring products – which, the company points out, gives access to extremely lucrative remote security monthly recurring revenue streams.

Stand: 9-A174