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Sony adds new full-HD network security cameras

Sony has announced the launch of eight full-HD video security cameras to its sixth generation (G6) range of network cameras.

The new cameras include four models in the V-Series (SNC-VB640, SNC-VB642D, SNC-VM641, SNC-VM642R) and four in the E-Series (SNC-EB640, SNC-EB642R, SNC-EM641, SNC-EM642R).

Using advanced imaging technology, Sony’s cameras offer security professionals clear detail and higher visibility through excellent low-light sensitivity, ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including city, transport and commercial surveillance.

Further displaying Sony´s heritage in core technologies, these upgraded G6 cameras include high performance image sensors, lenses and image processors. The new V and E series cameras are claimed to be able to capture images beyond the reach of conventional security cameras, helping to provide security professionals with better visibility.

This improved sensitivity is made possible with the Exmor R CMOS sensor and eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction (XDNR), offering optimum clarity with noise and ghost free images, achieving the minimum illumination figure of 0.006 lux(30IRE) and 0.01 lux(50IRE). High sensitivity capabilities ensure the colour integrity of images is maintained even in poorly lit conditions, providing operators with ease of identification. This low light capability is especially invaluable in applications such as city surveillance at night, which is increasingly common and a fast-growing area of demand in the security industry.

Security professionals can now capture objects in dark conditions from a distance of up to 100m with the V-series, and up to 60m with the E-series. This extended coverage is made possible through the addition of the Exmor R sensor into these enhanced cameras. The Exmor R sensor together with the powerful integrated IR illuminator ensures the cameras are able to capture high-quality IR images without overexposure. This feature equips security personnel with more accurate and insightful imagery, encouraging swift and intelligent decisions.

Reacting to the increasing customer requirement for SD card recording and two-way audio, Sony has purposefully strengthened the feature set of the new E-series in line with this. The SD card is a back-up option in the event of network outage where the camera loses connection. With this additional feature, the camera can continue recording while the connection is being restored.

Further to this, the new E-Series now supports two-way audio features, providing users with remote intercom and audio recording functionality wherever it is needed, in one cost effective solution.

“High-quality imagery is at the heart of our business, which is why we continue to invest in new technologies to bring our customers the best possible images they’re trying to capture,” said Roger Lawrence, video security product manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Investing in these technologies is all about meeting the changing needs of our customers, which is why these new solutions have been designed with features that help users improve accuracy and make quicker decisions, from improved visibility in low light to increased range.”

The new models are planned to be available from March 2017 onwards.

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