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Bridging the gap

Attero Tech’s director of marketing and sales Mike Sims is having a good show. Speaking to the ISE Daily, Sims said: “For us, it’s the fact that ISE has a strong residential presence as well as the pro and commercial presence as well. Many of our products cross over into the higher-end residential space, so we get access to people we don’t otherwise get access to. That’s why I like ISE and have for many years.”

Among the products featured on the Attero Tech stand is the new Synapse D32o, a 32-channel out 1RU Dante/AES67 interface with flexible A/D connectivity options via DB-25 or Terminal Block, front panel assignable audio monitoring and metering and full network redundancy.

“One of the things we’ve done that’s unique among high-channel count devices is that in addition to copper network connectivity, we’ve integrated fibre network connectivity as well,” said Sims.

“More and more large venues are using fibre as their infrastructure, as opposed to copper. With copper, you need a network switch every 100m, whereas you can get 2km on fibre, for a football stadium or something like that. Right now, with pretty much everybody else’s interfaces, you’re going to have to have a copper-to-fibre converter, then run fibre, then a fibre-to-copper converter to get back into your network.

Sims added: “In terms of deployment, you can often eliminate a lot of network switches given that you’ve got intrinsic fibre connectivity; the cost to jump on and off of fibre is a lot less, and in general we have these units priced pretty aggressively.

“One of the things we’ve tried to do – in addition to creating really bleeding-edge type products – is be sure they are priced in a way that they aren’t stratospherically expensive, keeping them within the budgets and means of pretty much any install.”