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75in high brightness outdoor kiosk

A new 75in high brightness 2,500-nit full-outdoor kiosk from the Exentia line, specifically designed for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is on show at the Fida stand.

Fida structures are made from anti-corrosive aluminium, with no visible screws or hinges for a sleek design. Additionally, the back side of the kiosk can be used for traditional posters with a back-light option.

To help customers transition from traditional to digital signage, Fida’s improved Sidewalk Poster, an evolution of the traditional A-line poster, is now digital with a 32in LCD. This foldable unit is made of super lightweight aluminium and is easy to move using hidden back wheels.

Also on show is the Mediachrome cableless system, available in landscape and portrait modes in sizes running from 22in to 55in. The thin lightweight hanging LCD is aimed at window displays as it has no visible cables. It’s now available in a greater variety of colours and finishes and also comes in a ‘direct sunlight’ version using either a 1,500- or a 2,500-nit LCD.

Stand: 8-N195