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Sony: 4K displays feature HTML5 support

Available in 55, 65 and 85in screen sizes, Sony’s Bravia 4K LED Professional Displays all include HTML5 signage capability and advanced control features.

Intended for corporate, meeting rooms and retail applications, they are complemented by Bravia U-Touch which brings together Sony’s Professional displays with touchscreen technology so the display becomes an interactive hub.

The company is demonstrating how it believes Bravia U-Touch allows retailers, universities, museums, businesses, libraries, financial institutions and more to engage on a more intimate level.

Sony says it is also looking beyond 4K to the next generation of resolution, and is showcasing its F65 motion picture camera with an 8K CMOS sensor and Super Resolution De-mosaicing Technology (SRDM).

The company also has an offering for live event production: the AWS-750 Anycast Touch, an all-in-one integrated video and audio mixer.