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Oblong aims to ramp up presence with EMEA-wide strategic sales partnership with TIG

Headed up by Robin van Meeuwen, Technological Innovation Group (TIG) will help to ‘catapult’ sales of Oblong’s  unique and futuristic collaboration solutions and services 

Oblong Industries, a maker of multi-stream interactive collaborative meeting applications, has signed a historic strategic sales partnership with the recently launched Technological Innovation Group (TIG), which both parties expect will catapult the Oblong business in EMEA.

Technological Innovation Group (TIG), which went live in January, is made up of the experienced sales and marketing organisation headed up by AV industry stalwart, CEO Robin van Meeuwen, and his European team. More details will be announced tomorrow as part of an exclusive interview).

“This is the most revolutionary product I’ve seen in the AV industry for a very long time.”

Through this strategic partnership, TIG will increase awareness of the Mezzanine platform by engaging customers across all verticals, including integrators, resellers, specifiers, and leading design agencies. With its deep knowledge of the market space developed over two decades Robin van Meeuwen and his team fully understand the readiness of its customers for smarter solutions. TIG expects to dramatically improve the way firms engage their audiences, make critical business decisions, and get work done with Mezzanine. Oblong will continue to work directly with its current customers and resellers in EMEA while the TIG partnership will assist in developing a greater number of opportunities for resellers to pursue, and will better address areas that are under-served.

Speaking at the official announcement at ISE this morning (Feb 6), van Meeuwen described Oblong’s technology as “the most revolutionary product I’ve seen in the AV industry for a very long time. You really have to see it to believe it.”

van Meeuwen added: “As our business evolves to include the very best technologies for our EMEA customers, Oblong’s Mezzanine jumps out as the most ground-breaking and directional meeting room solution. It combines a winning UI with the ability to leverage an impressive number of existing hardware options for screens, codecs, and end-user platforms and devices. Whether for a conference room upgrade, a new briefing centre installation, or an enterprise-wide deployment of teaming spaces, Mezzanine flexes to bring interactive multi-stream, multi-source capabilities to every team and space. At TIG, we know our contacts in the commercial spaces across Europe can benefit enormously from this innovative technology and we are very excited to be working with Oblong.”

The Mezzanine Series of solutions is available in multiple form factors, from the multi-surface immersive meeting experience of the Mezzanine 600 Series (six screens), to the Mezzanine 200 Series (two screens) for teamwork and ideation spaces.

The solution, popular amongst Fortune 500 companies, is readily used in leading firms, including PwC, IBM, Siemens, Inmarsat, and others to help teams in different offices see more, share more, and do more because of the deeply visual and content-rich computing environment of Mezzanine platform.

John Underkoffler, CEO, Oblong Industries, is looking forward to a productive year with TIG as it provides greater access to Mezzanine for EMEA’s most visionary firms. “With TIG’s offices and relationships in the region we’ll effectively double our footprint. We’ll maintain our Oblong Europe offices in London and Munich, and partnerships with our existing integrators across a host of cities, but nobody knows the needs of the customer base like TIG,” he states.

Also making its debut at ISE 2019, in addition the new TIG EMEA-wide strategic sales partnership, is a new application for the Mezzanine Series of solutions. The Mezzanine app unites the features and functions of the Mezzanine Screencast app for screen sharing with the Mezzanine web interface for room, participant, and content control.  The Mezzanine app is one of several modes of control for a Mezzanine meeting and a complement to the proprietary wand device for gesture control of rooms and content streams. Additional product advancements include improved meeting security, an upgraded experience for standard VTC endpoints, and enhancements to the optical tracking system to reduce installation time and also to better service display walls.

“We’re always innovating with Mezzanine and with the way we service our customers,” comments Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, Oblong. “It’s gratifying that industry experts at TIG recognise the value of our continued commitment to innovation, and what it means for their customers. I think I speak for all of us at Oblong when I say we couldn’t be more delighted to have the team at TIG in our corner.”