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Vieta, Vieta everywhere

The Water Tower houses the ‘Water for Life’ exposition, centred around a dramatic 23m high ‘Splash’ sculpture which hovers in the centre of the Tower. Other elements include a 32m long/3m high sheet of water and a fountain of rain.

Following initial discussions with designer Marc Sarda in 2006, Vieta’s head of R&D, Jordi Hernandez, developed three cylindrical units with upward throws of 35m – varying in size from 1.8 metres tall to 2.2 metres tall, each bi-amped, with a 15in sub-woofer in a compartment at the bottom and a 12in driver pointing upwards, along with a 2in horn and a reflector to channel the energy from the mid-highs away from the unoccupied space in the centre and throw it out to each side.

Vieta loudspeakers installed in this area are 44 Do-5W, 70 Do-8W and 20 Do-53, accompanied by four Do-80SW and 16 Do-110SW subwoofers.

Other equipment from Vieta specified for the project includes a number of items from the Ti Line Series, among them Ti-2510 SD Players and Ti-2101 amps.

“Zaragoza’s Water Tower is the first major installation in the world to use all the elements of our Ti Line Series, notably the new SD Players, which were the first units off our production line,” said Nacho Alberdi, managing director of Vieta Pro. “From the introduction of its first pro-audio loudspeakers four years ago, Vieta has come a long way to be able to fulfil the creative and technological specifications of a major international event like the Zaragoza Expo.”