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Vieta Pro on the trading floor

SeBroker Bolsa – one of the highest volume traders on the Spanish Stock Exchange – engaged Barcelona-based Mayday to construct its multimedia news hub. The resulting installation incorporates a bank of computer screens in front of each trader for the relay of market news and information, with additional industrial video screens from Albiral along the hallway. To help brokers keep tabs on the vast amount of visual data, a commentator picks out the highlights and conveys these details to the Albiral screens via the trading floor’s PA system, comprising a grand total of 18 Vieta Do-2 loudspeakers and nine Ti Line 2201 amplifiers.

In addition to commentating on key market developments, the controller utilises a PC with custom software to manage the audio and video material inputs. Mayday’s custom software addresses the video matrix and video processor, and employs an Extron I/P to RS-422 interface to control level and mute on all the individual Vieta Ti Line amplifiers.

Vieta Pro’s export sales director, Mick Brophy, commented: “It’s a very significant step for Vieta. We have now opened our system software architecture to anyone who wants to integrate audio/playback equipment with other forms of machine control. By using RS-422 and Vieta’s proprietary Vieta-Net protocols, users can programme control systems like Extron and Crestron to manage the Ti Line amplifier and SD player.”

SeBroker Bolsa’s AV set-up also includes Shure wireless microphone receivers, an Ecler SAM512T rack mixer and a Samsung SHR 5160 digital video recorder, among other equipment.