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Promatrix 8000 from Dynacord

The scalable solution is designed for venues requiring permanent public address, evac and professional sound functionality.

The ProMatrix 8000 meets all relevant safety standards and features advanced digital signal processing offering multichannel audio routing, multiband equalisation and a signal-to-noise ratio of 105dB. At the heart of the system is a digital network controller that takes care of audio routing and handling of control data. It provides eight slots for input and output cards, allowing connection to call stations, music sources such as CD players, and stored-message systems.

Multiple controllers can be networked to create large application solutions that can feed up to 1,000 zones with pre-recorded messages, live speech and/or music.

Control I/O modules for integration of other external functions can easily be inserted into the system to provide pan/tilt functionality of a video camera, activate emergency lighting or operate entrance control systems.

The entire ProMatrix system network, whether local or decentralised, is configured and controlled via IRIS-Net software, enabling highly customised audio and control throughout the system.