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Electro-Voice and Dynacord energise Livewire Youth Project music venue

XLE line array and EKX subwoofers powered by L Series amplifiers provide a modern audio solution for the charity to train young people as sound engineers 

Livewire Youth Project has partnered with Electro-Voice and Dynacord to refit its live performance venue. The charity uses contemporary music and music technology as a catalyst to unlock creativity and encourage productive activity for all young people with an interest in music.

Based in the Cornish town of Saltash, Livewire provides a free opportunity for young people to learn musical instruments and form a band. If their interest is more on the technical side, the charity teaches them everything from live and studio audio mixing to stage lighting. While the venue features a professional recording studio – provided by Pete Townshend of The Who – another major attraction is its 200-person capacity live music space. While Livewire hosts a variety of prestigious events and shows by established artists to help the charity raise funds, its main purpose is to give young people the chance to practice performance skills, perform in public and simply learn how to use a professional stage.

Though Livewire has benefitted from several high-profile acts performing at the venue, its audio equipment was ageing and no longer met the standards required. “Technology advances in audio systems had overtaken the systems installed at Livewire,” said Andy Rance, Livewire venue manager. “Some of the opportunities available to members include gaining experience in the operation and maintenance of audio systems, sound engineering and stage management, so we needed a new system to provide a facility for training.”

Working with Electro-Voice and Dynacord, the Livewire team upgraded the audio setup to provide a better onstage experience for the performers, while also ensuring the audience area is perfectly covered. A compact Electro-Voice line array with five XLE-181 elements per side now serves as the main system, with six EKX-18S subwoofers delivering the low frequencies. The entire PA is driven by four Dynacord L3600FD multi-channel power amplifiers for live applications. Equipped with premium features such as FIR drive, on-board DSP and sophisticated protection circuitry, these amplifiers deliver a high level of performance unheard of at this price point.

“The impact of the system in the venue is huge,” continued Rance. “The transformation took place in one day, so it immediately made a difference to the members. Livewire now has a modern audio system capable of supporting the development and training of young people, both in terms of sound engineering and by offering the opportunity to rehearse and perform onstage with a considerably enhanced sound system.”

Arthur Achard, senior sales manager UK for Dynacord and Electro-Voice, added: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Livewire on their upgrade,” adds . “We really respect the work they are doing in their local community and are happy to support their efforts to help young people become part of the music scene and gain a better understanding in professional-grade entertainment technology.”

Rance concluded: “Livewire works with a great many amazing young musicians who don’t necessarily fit the high academic achievement profile that many colleges and universities cater to. Many of the young people who access facilities at Livewire come from low-income families who generally wouldn’t have access to equipment of this high calibre. This new system will help raise their aspirations.”