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Dynacord and Electro-Voice chosen for Munich stadium renewal

The City of Munich has invested in an upgraded Dynacord and Electro-Voice sound system for the Grünwald Stadium in order to comply with German Football Association (DFB) safety rules for electroacoustic emergency warning systems.

The stadium was built in 1911 and is the former home ground to football teams 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich. Today, it is home to the men’s 1860 Munich II and women’s Bayern Munich squads.

In the planning phase, specialised retail partner ELA-Technik Karl Wagner worked with the Electro-Voice and Electro-Voice support team in Straubing, Germany, on system design using computer simulations to determine the optimum loudspeakers and positioning to cover the 21,272-seat stadium.

With only four feasible locations for central electronics, long cabling distances would be required. In addition, only the existing structure could be used for loudspeaker locations. The team quickly decided on a 100V loudspeaker system from Electro-Voice, with all control rooms networked together via a Dynacord Promatrix 8000 system using a redundant fibre optic topology to ensure failsafe operation. Munich-based MTG Kommunikations-Technik carried out the installation.

Each of the four control centres houses a Dynacord DPM-8016 digital matrix controller along with one unit acting as a master to the three sub-centres. The control rooms also house the system’s Dynacord Promatrix DPA amplifiers, which are outfitted with emergency power supplies to ensure total system reliability.

The new security master control room houses police/fire department personnel during stadium events. A Dynacord DPC 8015 paging console is located in the room, allowing live announcement and also programmed with multiple presets to handle any public safety situations that might arise during an event.

All primary loudspeakers around the stadium are horn-loaded Electro-Voice EVH-1152D models. For the main north and south grandstands, they are paired with EVF-1122S front-loaded loudspeakers from Electro-Voice, mounted together beneath the roof to cover the lower seats in accordance with the computer model. In the open seating areas of the east and west stands, strategically spaced EVH-1152D loudspeakers with weatherproof fibreglass enclosures provide full coverage.

To meet the technical requirements of the installation, all Electro-Voice speakers throughout the facility are outfitted with Electro-Voice TK-150 transformers, converting them to high impedance for use in the 100V environment of Grünwald Stadium. This system design enables the long cable runs (up to 150 metres) required to reach the control room locations, using a pair of 10sqmm loudspeaker cables.

With its fully redundant fibre optic digital network controlled and supervised via IRIS-Net software and emergency power supplies for the system’s Dynacord power amplifiers, the new system is claimed to be virtually failure-proof.

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