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New Video Center from Lifesize Communications

Lifesize Video Center is a video-capture and broadcast system with the ability to instantly stream, record and auto-publish HD video, audio and data content at "dramatically reduced cost".

LifeSize Video Center is specifically designed to process HD video directly where it is created, harnessing the power of LifeSize 220 series HD video communications systems. The design is said to be the first to enable up to 20 concurrent recordings in HD, 1,000 simultaneous live streams and up to 350 simultaneous on-demand streams – all in 720p30 HD video.

Offering automatic, intelligent operation for network administrators, content-creators and viewers, it features one-button recording, ‘choose your view’ functionality and intuitive UI. Users can also instantly play back HD video from the web-based portal.

LifeSize Video Center also allows users to record at the touch of a button for on-demand viewing, while also allowing organisations to stream live and automatically publish hundreds of HD videos simultaneously.