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Lighthouse LED screens installed at multi-purpose Illinois arena

The solution provided by Texas Star was based around a four-sided, centrally-hung display comprising Lighthouse P10 10mm panels, measuring 8 ft by 13ft 8in (six panels by five panels) per side, with a circular ribbon board underneath with dimensions of 2ft 6in by 29ft. The company also constructed the skeletal aluminium frame that the screens are attached to, along with a hoist system.

Texas Star’s general manager, Rob Waldrum, told II that the company opted to utilise Lighthouse LED screens for three primary reasons: “Reliability, ease-of-use and the integration of the media-management software with Lighthouse processors has always been so trouble-free. Going into the project we knew we’d be faced with designing a custom frame to support the entire four-sided structure that is both raised and lowered via the hoist system. Lighthouse panels made it very simple to make this happen. Their light weight was also a big plus. Jobs of this magnitude seem to always have a few ‘surprises’, but as it turned out all the above factors made for a relatively easy install.”

The response from the customer to the installation was both immediate and positive. “The customer called us the day following the completion and was noticeably happy about the quality of the images on the screens. ‘I’m glad I can give the MetroCentre spectators a major league experience in a minor league market’ was one of his comments.”