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LEDtec ensures David Lloyd Leisure Group is environmentally fit

LED lamps can save energy, but do they also offer a comfortable experience for customers in the most demanding of environments? TFA gives them a fitness check.

LED lamps can save energy, but do they also offer a comfortable experience for customers in the most demanding of environments? TFA gives them a fitness check. David Lloyd Leisure operates 81 leisure clubs in the UK and has a further 10 sites across Europe. The organisation is Europe’s largest racquets, health and fitness operator with some 440,000 members.
 LEDtec (UK) was selected in December 2011 as the preferred supplier for LED replacement lights to fit out 90 David Lloyd Leisure clubs; 80 in the UK and 10 in Europe. The initial brief was to replace existing halogen spotlight lamps.For the new lighting scheme to be a success it had to be cost effective and adhere to David Lloyd Leisure’s commitment to green business practices. It had to drive down overall company carbon output and provide a comfortable experience for customers and staff by emitting as little overhead heat as possible, whilst also providing the correct light levels in all areas.
Taking these considerations into account, LEDtec has provided David Lloyd Leisure with a total number of 17,889 LED replacements for MR16 GU5.3 and GU10 spotlight halogen bulbs, in order to phase out the organisation’s previous halogen lighting scheme. The lamps are straightforward to retrofit as they just fit into existing light sockets.More purchases are to follow and for future energy saving an intranet ordering system was set-up so that each leisure club could take control of its own lighting requirements going forward.@page_break@
LEDtec has fitted a warm white light scheme as standard for the pool, changing areas, reception and café areas, making the clubs inviting and comfortable to be in. Just 5% of the LED lamps’ output is heat, making them the perfect choice for cost saving and simultaneous carbon footprint reduction. Along with maintenance and electricity costs, air conditioning bills at David Lloyd Leisure will subsequently be lower as there is no need to compensate for temperature increases caused by the lighting schemes. 
 The LED cost saving credential is further boosted by the fact that the lamps are highly durable. In contrast to halogen bulbs, which last 1-2 years on average, LEDs can run for up to 20 years. So far, on phase one of the project payback was achieved within four months and the projected annual electricity and maintenance savings on lighting for David Lloyd Leisure across all clubs is calculated to be in excess of £200,000. In addition to achieving cost and carbon footprint reduction, the new lighting scheme has improved the club experience for members and staff with the specially tailored schemes creating an uplifting and invigorating environment throughout the clubs. There are added cost and environmental benefits too, such as much lower maintenance, heating and cooling.
 A spokesperson for David Lloyd Leisure said: “LEDtec is an impressive and knowledgeable organisation. Together we worked towards a lighting plan that would make visiting or working at a David Lloyd Leisure club, one that people would further enjoy. We have a green environment policy and it is an added bonus that LED lighting also saves on finances.”