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Harman Pro fit-out for NYC superclub

The live system put together by well-known club sound designer Jim Toth is based around a Soundcraft Vi6 console at FOH that can be locked off and run remotely via a laptop in the DJ booth when required. “I feel extremely comfortable putting this console at the core of my system,” said Toth, who also specified a Soundcraft Vi4 for the monitor position.

In terms of loudspeakers, the set-up features JBL VerTec VT4887DP Series line array elements and VT4880 subwoofers. Monitor-wise, the club is able to call on six JBL SRB712M 12in wedges, powered by Crown XTI 6000 Series amplifiers.

The dance system also incorporates VT4888 subwoofers and Crown amplifiers, in this case I-Tech 4000 and 8000 units.

“The DSP functionality of the I-Tech is amazing not just from a control perspective, but also from a cost perspective,” commented Toth. “There is no way we could have achieved this sound or this control without spending a fortune on outboard processors. What’s more, to have this level of programming and control integration helped determine how creative I could be with the system design – and ultimately how good the place sounds.”

The core audio specification is completed by a system comprising custom cabinets, VT4880 subwoofers and two monitor arrays in the smaller, second room downstairs.