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Erasmus Medical Center enjoys Sony BRAVIA digital renaissance

Our latest case study looks at Schaay AV's deployment of Sony displays at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam, in a project that overhauled all display technology throughout the building

Founded in 2001, Erasmus MC University Medical Center is recognised as a leading innovator in healthcare. It has round-the-clock staff, volunteers, and students that work on top-clinical care for patients with complex care needs, rare diseases, or acute needs for care and treatment. The institution also works on distinctive, high-quality education that appeals to ambitious, inquisitive, and talented students and addresses the healthcare issues of tomorrow. With cutting-edge, world class international medical research Erasmus MC helps to understand, predict, treat, and prevent diseases and health conditions.

The challenge

In the modern world, the public have become more accustomed to digitised healthcare journeys, something especially highlighted over the pandemic. Healthcare organisations the world over should increasingly be investing in ways to enable their staff and patients with digital solutions. Erasmus MC knew that it needed to modernise its IT operations to offer seamless content and information sharing that would bolster the customer journey. It was also imperative for Erasmus MC that staff and students be able to collaborate and connect with colleagues on different shift patterns, across operating rooms, as well as being able to collaborate with other medical institutions remotely for advice on specific cases, and to assist the organisation’s commitment to open and insightful knowledge sharing.

In its previous environment, Erasmus MC had different brands of displays across lobbies and across operating rooms. This meant that the digital pathways used to share information were obstructed and complex, with unreliable connections and incompatible content sharing functions. The old screens were also only operation 16 hours a day, and they needed a solution that would provide them with 24/7 connectivity. In order to modernise and make operations more efficient, the organisation needed to deploy a compatible and top-quality ecosystem of displays.

The solution

Working with Schaay AV, Erasmus MC undertook an overhaul of its display technology throughout the building.

Erasmus use Sony’s 55” BZ40 Professional BRAVIA Displays in the communal areas to communicate information to patients and employees, with 65”, 75”and 85” BZ35 series and BZ40 series in meeting rooms and operating theatres. These meeting rooms will be used for MS Teams meetings (internal and external) and for meetings between other hospitals for things like multidisciplinary consultations, as well as sharing information between shift workers.

The full list of products deployed:

  • 75 x FW-55BZ40H/1
  • 25 x FW-65BZ40H/1
  • 25 x FW-75BZ40H/1
  • 25 x FW-85BZ40H/1

They chose to work with Schaay AV and use Sony products because on the minimal service issues and best-in-class quality technology they would offer. Erasmus MC has complete peace of mind that their digital functions will remain operative 24/7 and that Schaay AV are on hand for instant and efficient support should any issues occur. This is particularly imperative in a healthcare setting where the ability to share and receive information can be critical.

“We had to look at what was the best fit for our hospital, and one of the most critical requirements as to provide clear information and direction for our staff, patients and visitors,” commented Ivo Baumann, Coordinator of Technical Application Management Operations, in Education and Research at Erasmus MC. “We wanted to see what would get us the best value for money without compromising on quality, and after going through an extensive comparison from several manufacturers, Sony BRAVIA 4K professional displays came out on top.”


With the new system of Sony displays working seamlessly across the communal areas, operating rooms, and meeting spaces within Erasmus MC Hospital, the organisation now knows it can rely on its equipment to remain operational 24/7. This is paramount given the critical nature of the hospitals function.

“It was imperative to us that the displays were suitable for 24hr use, every single day given the nature of our environment. We also worried about what would be available to us during the Covid-19 pandemic, but Sony took our worries away and were able to deliver what we needed and for a good price.”

The suite of best-in-class technology has enabled its staff and patients to communicate, collaborate and share information in the most efficient and instant manner. With patients now constantly kept up to date with information sharing boards on things like timings and directions for their appointments, this real-time information sharing bolsters the customers’ digital journey and gives peace of mind.

The compatible and seamless content sharing functions of the Sony displays means that the organisations commitment to knowledge sharing and educating can be fully supported by its tech. The hospital also has new peace of mind that with local partner, Schaay AV, they have help on hand always should any of the equipment suffer from operational issues.