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Calibre launches HQView325 image scaler

The new platform has been announced well ahead of its planned first public showing at ISE 2013 - in response to customer needs for future projects, says Calibre.

Calibre UK has announced the HQView325 image scaler. The HQView325 features 4-sided soft edge-blend with multi-region black level correction for seamless blending of multiple projector images with full image warp mapping support.

“We’ve announced the brand new HQView325 far ahead of its first public showing at ISE 2013 and as a direct response to our customers’ requirements for future projects,” said Tim Brooksbank, Chairman at Calibre UK. “The HQView530 is immediately available through our established distribution network as well as projector manufacturers EIKI and Optoma in North America and Europe.”

“The HQView325 combines the performance of the award-winning HQView500-series with digital only I/O compatibility with HDMI and DVI formats including deep colour and HDCP support, and is available at a correspondingly more affordable price point.”

According to Calibre, multi-region black level correction and management ensures accurate imaging in low light levels. The HQView325 scaler is said to incorporate a powerful blend algorithm in a dedicated blend processor with better greyscale rendition in the projector blend region

“It’s perfectly suited for darkened projection environments,” said Brooksbank. “Black level management ensures accurate greyscale performance in the blend region of the projected images creating a seamless image.”
The HQView325 performs edge blending using a complex de-gamma and re-gamma process where the video content is converted to linear pixel data. Light intensity is claimed to be accurately controlled on a per colour and per pixel basis, so that the blend can be truly seamless even with greyscale information and so that black level corrections can be applied without causing colour-shift or gamma errors – a valuable asset for complex projection surfaces.

The HQView325 operates at 16 bits per colour per pixel – 48 bits total, which Calibre says far surpasses most competitive product offerings. The flexible image-warping feature of the HQView325 is said to enable users to geometrically correct an image shape and map projector alignment on to curved and flat screens with ease.

The single rack mountable unit comes with a front panel OSD-based user interface as well as an inbuilt webserver for browser control. A PC-hosted warp generator tool is also included.