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Peerless-AV launches 1:1 dvLED mounting system

Company announces enhancements to SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System, as well as a new reusable Universal Spacer

Peerless-AV has released enhancements to its SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System (DS-LEDUNV). Available on-shelf in distribution, are 1:1 DS-LEDUNV models that follow the ‘one display, one mount’ strategy of LCD video walls. Peerless-Av says it simplifies stocking, inventory management, order processing and shipping.

DS-LEDUNV product sizes have changed, with compact packaging to cut delivery costs and lower environmental impact. A new reusable Universal Spacer, the company claims, also simplifies installation.

“The 2024 market expectation is for a faster delivery on dvLED,” said Nick Belcore, executive vice president, Peerless-AV. “Our 1:1 models are first on the market, sitting on-shelf alongside latching dvLED displays for easy picking and shipping. This universality allows orders to be added according to the desired display configuration. As for the new Universal Spacer, this is what makes it all achievable. It’s a secret ingredient that changes everything for the betterment of all involved in the project.”

The 1:1 DS-LEDUNV models are available for displays up to 610mm wide, 960mm wide and 1220mm wide and include a universal hardware pack, compatible with the majority of latching dvLED cabinets. Peerless-AV says for architects and specifiers, the simple spec of this new 1:1 product makes it easier to specify into projects without the need to know the display make, model and configuration.

With the 1:1, the Universal Spacer is sold separately and is reusable. The spacer has set pin height locations for common cabinet sizes from 240mm up to 1000mm, eliminating the need for dedicated vertical wall templates. If display model changes occur as the project progresses, the spacer can set the new cabinet height. If the display height is uncommon and does not have a pin location on the spacer, the spacer’s in-built caliper feature can be used to measure the cabinet and set the spacing accordingly.

The DS-LEDUNV is also available as preconfigured mounting kits. Each kit is made specifically for popular display resolutions and flat-to-wall video wall configurations and come with universal hardware, including the new Universal Spacer.