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Adamson reveals Point Concentric Series

Adamson has launched the Point Concentric Series, a new range of passive, co-axial loudspeakers which arrive in five versions.

Adamson has introduced the Point Concentric Series, which encompasses a range of passive, co-axial, loudspeakers.

The multipurpose cabinets are available in a double 5in (PC5), single 6in (PC6), single 8in (PC8), single 10in (PC10) and a single 12in (PC12) version. The discrete devices come coated with water borne acrylic paint, while all metalwork is finished with a Sandtex Powder Coating. All cabinets can also be colour matched to the RAL library.

The PC5 and PC6 are the smallest cabinets in the series, each providing a 70º conical pattern in a very compact package. Both cabinets feature standard M10 fly points in four locations and additional rear Omnimount points. What’s more, threaded Pole mount hardware (for mic stand) or barrier strips can be installed by request.

The PC5/PC6 cabinets are designed to produce linear, high resolution audio throughout their bandwidth. Both cabinets are said to produce warm mid bass and plenty of punch for their weight class. As a standalone cabinet, under balcony, or stair fill, the versatile PC5 and PC6 cabinets will fit a variety of applications.

The 8in, 10in or 12in option are more powerful options in the Point Concentric Series. The larger members of the family are shipped with standard M10 and Omnimount points, but also offer optional vertical yokes for versatility. Unlike their smaller companions, the PC8/PC10 and PC12 ship with standard pole mount hardware. A unique rotatable jack plate allows for either Neutrik or Barrier Strip connections on the bottom or back of each enclosure.

When both power and finesse are needed, the Point Concentric Series offers users a solution for high performance audio applications.