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Technomad brings weatherproof speakers to Panama City

Extended GM has installed a total of 35 Technomad Noho weatherproof loudspeakers to deliver audio to spectators in the open-air stands at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium.

Systems integrator Extended GM has installed 35 Technomad Noho weatherproof loudspeakers to deliver audio to the open-air stands at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium.

The Technomad loudspeakers were specified as part of a multi-zone audio system devised by Extended GM. The project is thought to represent the first professional Technomad installation in Panama.

Hernan Gonzalez O’Farrill, president of Extended GM, commented: “We needed a loudspeaker that offered wide dispersion without losing sound pressure, with the intent of establishing uniformity for each audio subsystem tied to the main headend. The Technomad Noho offers excellent vertical and horizontal coverage, as well as outstanding sound pressure and power management. The audio quality for both voice and music is clear and impressive, and the Noho offers plenty of low-end response for music even without subwoofers.”

The high humidity levels and sporadic heavy rainfall also informed the selection of the weatherproof Technomad units.

While Technomad has long supplied loudspeakers and audio equipment to sites across Latin America, the Panama City install constitutes the company’s largest project in the region to date.

According to Rodger von Kries, vice-president of Technomad, “this project was a great experience for Technomad as we had a highly competent, active partner in Extended GM. The Noho is an ideal option for sports and live events where clarity in announcements and high-quality music playback is required. Extended GM installed a system that performs to the high standards of Rommel Fernandez Stadium, as well as the high standards we expect for all of our customers.”

Regarding the overall prospects for the Latin American market, von Kries told IE:”Technomad is excited to expand its business as the Latin America marketplace for professional audio products and systems continues to grow. We feel that our line of weatherproof loudspeakers and amplifiers [is] a great match for the challenging environments found in Latin America.”