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Manufacturers helped by leading Intellect

The UK Pavilion, sponsored by Intellect, has once again returned to ISE to continue its aim of promoting technology-led growth to build a globally competitive UK economy.

The UK Pavilion, sponsored by Intellect, is an ever present at ISE and has supported over 300 UK companies in ISE’s ten years, with 21 getting backing this year, offering a wide variety of products. These include: Tripleplay Services (11-E65) which aims to make digital signage simple with its TripleLite Electronic Posters, which are claimed to be “sleek, easy to use and cost effective” allowing a user to create impactful displays quickly and simply; IntraTec (11-E60), a new start-up offering powerful and portable wireless data systems for video, with devices able to send fast streams of live data over distances of up-to 10 kilometres and offering remote production crews fast internet connectivity; and Exterity (11-D72) with its new end-to-end IPTV system, from head end through to server. Stand: 11-E64, 11-E62, 11-E66