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Embedding a Krispy experience

After Krispy Kreme started using Embed Signage digital signage software in 2018, the company’s UK arm hasn’t looked back, using the solution across its entire digital signage estate

Krispy Kreme UK Ltd has been operating in the UK since its launch in Harrods in 2003 and currently operates over 115 locations with a presence in over 1100 in-store cabinets with retail partners including Tesco, Morrisons, Welcome Break and Center Parcs outlets across the country.

The company had been experimenting with digital menu board options before discovering Embed Signage in 2018. Embed Signage digital signage software is compatible with
a wide range of device platforms including BrightSign, Samsung Smart Signage Platform, LG WebOS for Signage, Chrome OS, Windows, ONELAN, Mac, iOS and Android.

Menu Try out
In 2018, Krispy Kreme commissioned a trial at three locations; Enfield, Dublin and Manchester Trafford. The trial consisted of menu boards in a 3×1 landscape configuration, portrait Drive Thru totems and landscape internal promo screens. The trial was deemed to be a great success. Since then, Krispy Kreme UK has been pushing digital further and further across its estate expanding from digital menu boards to enhanced in-store customer experiences.

“The main reason for choosing embed is the user experience,” says Mike Tinnion, senior creative and content manager, Krispy Kreme UK. “Based on the others I have seen on the market this is by far the best. Not only visually but intuitively too. On top of that, the features are extensive and the support from the team is second to none”

Although digital menu boards are a key focus for digital initiatives in-store, Krispy Kreme UK have gone much further to deliver customer experiences such as the off premise GEN8 Digital Cabinets using presence detection as well as HOT NOW experiences with tablets triggering content and lighting changes. All of this is made possible through embed.

“Krispy Kreme UK uses Embed signage across the entire digital signage estate,” says Phil Goldsmith, content executive, Krispy Kreme UK. “The incredible development of Embed makes managing the estate really simple, and yet brings a vast amount of flexibility to all elements of our content. Content is controlled entirely by us, from beginning to end, making changes and updates incredibly fast, meaning we can react to any changes in store or in the market as a whole immediately.”

incredible insight
He continues: “Embed has been phenomenal throughout the whole process, giving incredible insight and training to ensure that we can manage our digital estate to gain the best results we can. The support has been second to none, establishing fixes and improvements all the time to make managing the estate as simple as possible, while still creating a magical experience for customers and full flexibility regarding content.

“We’re able to do things like content synchronisation, integrate external systems for things like lighting control and presence detection. Best of all, we can do all of it ourselves –
of course, Embed have been on hand to help us learn the software but once we’ve been shown, it’s something we have complete control over.”