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Utelogy announces partnership with Sydney-based IR

Partnership intended to help organisations deliver a superior communication and collaborative experience

Utelogy, provider of UC, AV and device management, monitoring and analytics, has announced a partnership with IR, the leading global performance management and analytics provider for critical communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure, and payments ecosystems. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, IR works with hundreds of the world’s largest organisations providing them with world-class insights, monitoring, and support.

The Utelogy and IR partnership will, says Utelogy, play a key role in helping organisations deliver a superior communication and collaborative experience, by offering innovative solutions for the management and monitoring of video and collaboration systems in the modern workplace (meeting rooms, board rooms, meeting booths, etc).

“This strategic partnership benefits IR and Utelogy customers in several ways,” said Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy. “Utelogy’s expertise in remote management and monitoring of AV/UC and IoT devices in the modern workplace complements IR’s expertise in experience management for UC and collaboration ecosystems. This enables the combined solution to offer improved meeting analytics and provide greater insights into device usage and room uptime as well as increasing the customers’ ROI by providing cost savings with automated room readiness testing and self-healing functionality.”

John Ruthven, CEO of IR, added: “New hybrid ways of working require flexible, dependable collaboration solutions. This relationship between Utelogy and IR allows us to extend our expertise and deliver great collaboration experiences in the conference room, board room, and all types of collaboration spaces. Working together, we are able to provide innovative solutions that keep people connected from wherever they are, through a robust, multi-vendor experience management solution.”