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The dos and don’ts of digital signage design

When it comes to digital signage, plenty of us are clued up on the latest tech. But to get the most out of digital signage, we have to make them as engaging and as captivating as possible. That’s where design comes in.

There are some key principles that digital signage designers should follow in order to engage customers, event-goers or even employees. Digital signage should be used for more than just displaying static messages on screens.

Used effectively, the level of interaction and engagement that can be generated is far more than what can be achieved with non-digital options. With that in mind, here are some of the top Dos and Don’ts of Digital Signage Design to help you maximise the potential of your digital signage.

Launching a new product or discussing a new idea? Videos can add depth and dimension to the conversation.
Use videos to transition between place holder graphics and videos seamlessly. This way, you can tell a gripping story and take your viewers along with you. Videos could be filmed with real people or could be in the form of an animated explainer. The choice is yours!
Confuse or bore your audience with lengthy videos. With so many messages competing for your audience’s attention, you only have a few seconds to make yours sink in – so make them count.

Moving graphics
The beauty of digital signage is that the images don’t have to be static as they do with traditional signage. That means you can get creative with your digital signage design.
Have fun with it. Got a company logo or a new strapline that needs jazzing up? You can make it pulsate, change colour or even do a cartwheel – there are so many possibilities! This elevates the display, making your brand or message much more captivating and
Make it tacky. No PowerPoint dissolve transitions, or zany word art here, please.

Key messages

Ever been bored at a presentation where the speaker just drones on and on? Was it hard to digest all the information and statistics being thrown at you? We’ve all been there! With effective digital signage design that focuses on reinforcing key messages, this can be avoided. Digital signage will allow key messages to have a longer shelf life, strengthen your presentation objective and will continue to engage your audience for the whole of the event.
Use captivating graphics and colour schemes to highlight key messages, findings and statistics. Work with your brand guidelines to add a splash of colour to your digital screens – use bright and enticing colour schemes to engage your viewers and guarantee yourself that added bit of standout.
Over-message. Help your audience to easily digest your messaging by limiting your selected key messages – as few as possible per slide. That way, it will be much easier for your audiences to engage with your call to action – you will see a higher uptake if you ask less of your audience!

You may not like to brag, but your digital signage can do it for you! Display glittering client testimonials at stakeholder or employee engagement events togenerate an air of positivity.
Keep these in line with your company’s style and branding to highlight your team’s success and the impact that they have made.
Use stock photography against real people’s names. Unless you’d like your glowing review to be retracted!

Product demo
Got a new product that’s hard to explain in an elevator pitch? Digital signage can do the talking for you.
Create well-designed, visually stimulating digital demonstrations. That way, your customers can easily make sense of your product without you having to worry about getting your message across effectively.
Add in the small print. Although it’s tempting to provide your audience with all the nitty gritty details of your product, you do not need to use your digital signage to communicate this. Think of your signage as the initial pitch, and then use the conversation it sparks to discuss the finer details.

These are just some of the hundreds of things that you can do with digital signage. That’s the beauty of digital signage – you can constantly try out new designs and displays that captivate and engage.
If all else fails, remember that the goal is to create impactful messages and to communicate them to your audience in a way that grabs and holds their attention.

Written for AVTE by Graham Gilhooley, Senior Creative at 20/20 Productions.