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Carousel Digital Signage launches K-12 social & emotional learning initiative

Carousel teams with nationally certified school psychologist to help schools enhance their SEL initiatives with digital signage to keep students, faculty safe and resilient across all grade levels

Carousel Digital Signage has launched a new K-12 initiative to help US school districts enhance their social and emotional learning (SEL) initiatives through their digital signage communications. The initiative provides district administrators and other school leaders with the content and guidance needed to properly communicate the processes and procedures they already have in place through digital signage.

Available to school districts immediately, Carousel Digital Signage offers its Social and Emotional Learning Collection of pre-designed templates free of charge. Working closely with a nationally certified school psychologist, Carousel Digital Signage has also co-developed a booklet that offers guidance as to how digital signage can help school districts share the right content to all ages, and establish a culture that raises awareness and builds healthy habits.

Carousel Digital Signage’s SEL initiative is an extension of its core values around helping people and organisations clearly communicate through visual content. The sheer importance of social and emotional learning in our schools today inspired Carousel Digital Signage to bring in school psychologist Ashley Northrup to help them understand today’s most pressing SEL needs for K-12 students.

“Our SEL initiative was born through conversations with our partners about how schools are working to address the student anxieties that come with crisis situations,” said Amber Ward, director of marketing, Carousel Digital Signage. “SEL programs represent a holistic state of mine that teach and prepare students in all grade levels how to navigate stressful situations at school, at home and in public. We felt that digital signage could be a helpful tool to enhance SEL initiatives, though we needed assurance that we were using the right verbiage, and helping administrators properly communicate their initiatives across elementary, middle, and high schools. That led us to Ashley, who brought the experience and insight needed to create something truly meaningful and valuable to K-12 schools.”

Northrup, a school psychologist in Minnesota, has more than 15 years of experience as a school psychologist in preschool through 12th grade. She has monitored how students develop anxious behaviours, challenges with social skills, and developmental delays in learning and communications over time. In addition to student wellness and crisis management, her experience as school psychologist and a private online school also brought insights that address faculty wellness. That includes school and campus safety, improving student-teacher relations, and bringing more positivity into academics – all of which Carousel has built into its approach to SEL and digital signage.

“There has been an intensification of developmental delays in students magnified through the effects of the pandemic and other modern societal challenges, resulting in more school withdrawals, refusals to attend, and general anxieties inside the hallways and classrooms,” said Northrup. “I have developed a huge passion for SEL as a result, and working together with Carousel Digital Signage we are helping school districts adapt to the needs of today’s student population, while also helping teachers and administrators navigate student learning needs and their own emotional health concerns. Mental health is just as important as physical health and academics, and it’s an honour to help bring this important initiative to fruition through both digital signage and direct conversations with our school leaders.”

Carousel Digital Signage has published its free SEL booklet, which is available for download at School leaders can also evaluate the entire Social and Emotional Learning Collection of templates at the website, which include guidance for student services, stress management and school safety.