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Taxi-top LED display signs from Q-Color

New double-sided LED advertising displays that mount on the roof of a taxi have been introduced by Shenzhen Q-Color. The units also house front and rear taxi signs, and can be customised for colour and size.

The taxi led sign offers WiFi, 3G and internet control, and has been designed for outdoor usage, using multiple anti-rusting spraying processes and high-temperature baking for protection. The IP65 waterproof units can withstand temperatures of as little as -40℃ to highs of 120℃.

The lightweight unit (less than 20kg for the 5mm pixel pitch unit) has a removable protective cover, for easy maintenance, plus anti-shock mountings.

So as not to damage the car’s body, and to fasten the taxi led sign securely, Q-Color provides matching mounting brackets in whatever size is appropriate for specific vehicles. Q-Color can also provide other ways of mounting the signs for different models of taxi.

Besides the P5mm MD-5T-F1, there are two other models: the P4mm MD-4T-F1 and P6mm MD-6T-F1, although the MD-5T-F1 is the brightest of the trio at more than 5,000 cd/sqm.

Stand: 11-P40