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Daktronics designs LED display for Buffaloes fans

The displays for the University of Colorado's Folsom Field total 8,800 square feet and will be operational ahead of the 2024 American Football season

Daktronics has partnered with the University of Colorado (CU) to design, manufacture and install six LED displays for Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado. The displays total 8,800 square feet and will be installed and operational ahead of kickoff for the 2024 season for fans of the Buffaloes – CU’s American football team – to enjoy.

The main south end zone display at Folsom Field will measure nearly 40 feet high by 116.5 feet wide, for a total of more than 4,600 square feet of digital canvas. It will feature 10-millimetre pixel spacing to deliver image clarity and contrast at wide-angle visibility for fans inside the seating bowl.

The display is capable of variable content zoning to deliver the game-day videos, graphics and information that fans today expect from a live game. This includes the ability to show one large image, or to show multiple zones of content, including live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, game information, graphics, animations and sponsorship messages.

“The new state-of-the-art video display boards on the south end of Folsom Field promises to greatly enhance fan experience both inside and outside the stadium for not only football games, but all stadium events,” said Rick George, athletic director, University of Colorado.

On the backside of the main video board, two displays will face outward. Each will measure 15.5 feet high by 30 feet wide and feature 10-millimetre pixel spacing. These displays cater to fans outside the stadium with upcoming game information and announcements.

Three ribbon boards will be mounted to the seating fascia on the southeast, southwest and east sides of the stadium to deliver supplemental graphics, statistics and information to all audiences. This includes the opportunity to highlight sponsors with messages shared throughout events.

The main east ribbon board will measure roughly 2.5 feet high by 431 feet long. The southeast ribbon board will measure 3.5 feet high by 193 feet long and the southwest ribbon board will measure 3.5 feet high by 287 feet long. Each ribbon will feature 13HD pixel layouts for crisp, clear imagery delivered to viewers.

Daktronics is also including a complete Show Control solution. This control system provides a combination of display control software, video processing, data integration and playback hardware as a production solution. It also provides sponsorship opportunities.

“Our newest Show Control system will open up exciting new sponsorship opportunities for new and existing CU partners, allowing them to engage fans during pivotal moments, creating lasting brand impressions,” said Eric Cain, sales representative, Daktronics.

Folsom Field, which was built 100 years ago and has been upgraded several times, is also used for rock concerts. The Rolling Stones, The Who, the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney and Fleetwood Mac are among the famous artists to perform there.