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polytouch desks provide personalised information at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport has been equipped with polytouch Interactive Airport Desks providing users with real-time information on flights and directions as well as detailed shopping, dining and service opportunities.

Fraport AG, the operator of the airport, which is the third largest in Europe, contracted COSALUX to install the guidance system and information terminal, which has an integrated computer and scanning unit.

The multi-touch solutions offer travellers personalised information drawn from six guidance databases in real-time that can be retrieved from any of the Interactive Desks. Users simply scan their paper flight ticket or the ticket QR code on their smartphone to receive travel information.

A key practical benefit of the personalised information transfer is the automatic language detection feature, whereby passengers are automatically greeted and receive information in their own language.

Aside from the traveller benefits, each 46in interactive display creates opportunities for digital signage and retail advertising.

“The Interactive Airport Desk, or I-AID, is more than just a way finding system,” explained Alexander Coelius, CEO of COSALUX. ” In addition to maps and positioning, the system provides localised information and offers/promotions from restaurants and shops which are updated daily.”

“In using the Interactive Airport Desks, travellers benefit from information, offers and promotions relevant to them,” said Coelius. “Users can also type in any search terms they wish, such as ‘coffee’ or ‘newspapers’, offering maximum convenience and efficiency in the unknown transient location that is the airport terminal.

“What’s more, the desk allows Fraport AG to gather quality data on users of the devices, which can then be passed on to retailers looking to target specific consumer groups.”

polytouch’s modular design enables integration of peripherals such as printers, scanners and payment devices. Based on projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology that allows surface-flush installation, polytouch is user-friendly and offers a variety of customised solutions possibilities.

“There are clear market trends towards new forms of interaction, applications with multiple points of contact and multi-user interactions,” added Coelius. “Demand for integrated multi-touch system solutions is growing and there is a diverse array of applications distinctly focused on real-time content, with user satisfaction and utility a top priority. Be it product searches, navigation or production process monitoring, operation must be simple and fast.”