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Novant Health BMX steers toward Olympics with Community Pro

The East Coast of America’s first Olympic-calibre BMX track, Novant Health BMX – which offers national and world-level BMX racing events – has deployed a Community R Series loudspeaker solution to meet the venue’s audio demands.

Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Novant is already preparing to host the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Finals in 2015. This race will serve as the main qualification event for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The track itself has both an amateur and an elite supercross start hill as well as a pump track and offers amateur events and training.

B&K Pro Audio and lighting featured during the planning stages of the new racetrack, lending its expertise for the design of the system. Rock Hill city wanted clear voice paging and high-quality music covering the entire venue which extends over several acres.

To meet the required spec, B&K designed a system using Community’s R Series loudspeakers powered by Ashly KLR amplifiers and managed by an Ashly Protea Speaker Processor. The team completed the system with a Behringer Ultra-Zone mixer, a Tascam CD player and Audio Technica 3000 Series wireless microphones.

B&K installed the loudspeakers on the track’s welcome sign and in other supporting locations. A pair of Community R.5 loudspeakers were aimed at the BMX track, a second pair at the pump track and a single R.5 at the starting ramp. B&K added a pair of higher-power R2-94 loudspeakers to cover the bleachers and a single R2-77 for a large overflow area. Announcements are made from the starting ramp although the city plans to add an announcement booth on the bleachers.