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News in pictures 9 February 2011

LumenRadio excels at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium; Robe feels the Christmas spirit in Moscow; Q-Sys makes its mark at Asian Games; Siemens is on display in a big way.

LumenRadio’s award winning CRMX RDM wireless system was recently used to provide extra excitement at a sold-out international Magners League rugby game at Dublin’s newly rebuilt Aviva Stadium.

Home of the Republic of Ireland national Rugby Union and Football teams, the state-of-the-art stadium is the only facility in the country with UEFA Elite classification. Also known as the Dublin Arena, it seats more than 50,000, and was refitted with the latest wireless broadcast and security systems before the doors reopened in May 2010.

Radio spectrum issues and interference have been hot topics for some time. When the idea of wireless-controlled lighting effects was first introduced, the Aviva Stadium management was therefore apprehensive about adding yet another wireless system to the mix during a high profile event. LumenRadio’s CRMX with its Automated Cognitive Coexistence was identified as the only wireless system that could coexist with all the other wireless systems present in the facility, and at the same time provide the level of performance and reliability required.

The CRMX wireless RDM system was employed to control eight Syncrolite 7K Xenon fixtures and was used extensively during the show. The system’s RDM functionality provided real-time monitoring of the system and contributed greatly to everybody’s confidence in the setup.

All the equipment was provided and supported by EQ Lighting in Dublin. TMB is exclusive distributor for LumenRadio in the UK and North America (RDM units are not available in or from the USA).

Moscow-based lighting rental company Light Logic supplied Robe LEDWash 600 and ColorWash 1200 moving lights for the Orthodox Christmas Ceremonial Service held at the Cathedral of Christ The Saviour in Moscow on 7 January. People queued all day for the chance to join the Service, which was attended by President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, and broadcast live by leading TV station Channel One Russia to approximately 140 million people nationwide.

The lighting was positioned all around the second level galleries of the magnificent Cathedral, the most prominent in central Russia, rebuilt from the ground up in the 1990s after the original was destroyed in 1931. The lights were about eight metres above the congregation and the action below.

The 36 LEDWash 600s and 40 ColorWash 1200E ATs were used to illuminate the audience and enhance the light levels for the cameras, as well as to highlight the fabulous architecture, which includes some intricate gold pattern work.

The recent opening and closing ceremonies to mark the 16th Asian Games, held on Haixinsha Island, Guangzhou, China differentiated from similar events seen previously, with the spectacular event making the city as the background and the Pearl River as the stage.

In order to make the ceremonies a success, the island was equipped with a series of highly intelligible public address systems, with QSC’s premium Q-Sys control chosen to provide tourists from all over the world with crystal clear sound reinforcement.

A Q-Sys network provided coverage to every corner of the island, with a powerful Q-Sys Core as the engine, and Q-LAN’s low-latency Gigabit Ethernet network implementation as the transmission network. In all, 534 specially treated QSC AD-S weatherproof loudspeakers (pictured) guaranteed the safety of the system in an extremely rainy city.

Aside from providing the background music function, the QSC Q-Sys was also linked to the emergency evacuation and fire alarm system. In the security centre, fire centre and service counter, 11 PS-1600H networked page stations were installed; this enabled operators to broadcast paging announcements manually.

All QSC equipment is distributed in China by PCI.

MultiTouch, developer of the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, has collaborated with technology company uma on the world’s largest public multitouch display, at the Siemens CEE Headquarters facility in Vienna.

The Siemens Identity Display, based on uma’s Skin product, includes 14 MultiTouch Cell 46-inch Full HD LCD displays, in a 10.5-meter wall that enables tens of visitors to simultaneously interact with Siemens information, as well as digital art, audiovisuals, local and global news, and other rich media and Web 2.0 content. uma has incorporated MultiTouch display technology in its Skin product, and at 29 Megapixels, the Siemens Identity Display has the highest resolution of any multitouch installation in the world.

Skin includes person-tracking technology, which allows it to react to the presence of people in front of, or passing by, the display. The interaction with the content is personalised on demand through RFID technology.

The Siemens facility is the new headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and is home to 6,000 local employees. The Siemens Identity Display based on Skin is prominently positioned in the lobby of Siemens City, and is connected to the building’s internal system.