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NanoLumens digital solutions drive airport store sales

Hudson Group, one of the largest travel retailers in North America, has installed an array of NanoLumens LED displays at the World Duty Free store in the McNamara Terminal of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The in-store solutions include a circular NanoLumens Nixel Series LED display and a large touchscreen interactive station, designed to drive sales and promotions, while also adding to the customer experience.

“The incorporation of a NanoLumens Nixel Series LED display into this installation really demonstrates our ability to design a compelling and engaging visualisation solution for any installation environment,” said NanoLumens Dana Michaelis, regional sales director. “We are proud to have played a role, together with ComQi and Pearl Media, to bring this solution to life.”

Combining three separate displays to create a ring, the 3mm Nixel Series fine-pitch LED halo display by Nanolumens, suspended like a digital chandelier from the store’s ceiling, makes shoppers aware of brands and promotions from anywhere within the store.

The 42in wall-mounted touch-display is designed to invite travellers to engage in content such as product information, live departures and arrivals information, weather reports and highly visual curated news and sports summaries. There are also 55in digital displays around the store being used as digital posters, scheduled to run multiple promotions.

Running on ComQi’s powerful digital signage content management system, EnGage, content is delivered with ‘right time, right place’ targeting to individual displays. Utilising EnGage’s Store Message Domination the content on the circular halo display and digital posters is synchronised at scheduled intervals to create visually dominant in-store messaging.

“We love working with the folks at Hudson, their vision is paving the way to advancing shopper engagement in the ever-changing world of airports and other travel hubs,” stated Stuart Armstrong, group president at ComQi. “Combine that with Pearl Media’s exceptional creative, ComQi had the perfect environment to deliver a highly successful program.”