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Quantums shine in Shanghai arts centre

The DiGiCo Quantum and SD Range of digital mixing consoles are providing sound for the NEW BUND 31 Performing Arts Centre, which includes the city's largest indoor theatre

The DiGiCo Quantum and SD Range of digital mixing consoles have been installed at NEW BUND 31 Performing Arts Centre, in Shanghai, which features art, leisure, and entertainment retail in a one-stop destination, including the city’s largest professional indoor theatre.

The  2,500-seat theatre – designed with professional acoustic by the UK company Theatre Projects – features DiGiCo Quantum digital mixing consoles to handle a large number of channels during live performances. The set-up boasts a Quantum 7 for FOH and OB, and a Quantum 338 at the monitor position. The Black Box Arts Space, adjacent to the theatre, utilises a DiGiCo SD12-96 and SD11, with a further 10,000 sq m of outdoor green space catering to the needs of diverse productions, including festivals, exhibitions, and pop-ups.

“DiGiCo Quantum digital mixing consoles have the familiar interface and all the advantages traditionally associated with DiGiCo, whilst also introducing new features like Spice Rack, Mustard Processing, Nodal Processing, and True Solo,” said Cao Peijun, sales engineer, Rightway Audio Consultants (RAC), DiGiCo’s distributor in China. “Faster, more efficient, and more powerful, Quantum stands as the ideal and versatile solution for any engineer, providing exceptional intelligence and functionality.”

The Black Box Arts Space venue has a maximum capacity of 1,500 people, featuring a discreet 400-seat concealed seating arrangement. The seating is divided into three zones by acoustic panels, each outfitted with its own dedicated audio and lighting system. The versatility of the space caters to a diverse array of performance and exhibition requirements.

Depending on the specific needs of each live performance, the venue utilises either the DiGiCo SD12-96 or SD11. “In this specific configuration, we didn’t need the theatre-specific software, as the system was capable of fulfilling the requirements for routine use, including theatrical performances or small-scale concerts,” commented Cao Peijun.

The installation was led by Dafeng Industrial, working with DiGiCo’s official distributor in China, Racpro. “The venue was already very familiar with DiGiCo products, so the team didn’t require any in-depth training apart from familiarising themselves with the Quantum 7, which they hadn’t used before and were new to the A/B Quantum switching feature. However, they got started quickly and understood it in no time,” added Cao Peijun.

The theatre is designed for a 360-degree immersive experience, complemented by wall decorations inspired by Chinese folding fans. Throughout the performance hall, warm oak wood envelops the surroundings, featuring three levels of balconies and discreet VIP boxes.

NEW BUND 31 was jointly built by Hong Kong Shun Tak Holdings and Shanghai Lujiazui Group and inaugurated in October last year, followed by a two-month performing season featuring about 50 diverse performances.