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Luxaflex not blind to Scala advantage

When Luxaflex, a manufacturer of window treatments, wanted to increase footfall in its stores and sales, it turned to integrator QYN and Scala for a digital signage solution.

Luxaflex Nederland offers innovative window coverings to allow consumers to control the light in, and add beauty to, any room. Luxaflex is represented in more than 20,000 dealerships across Europe and more than 3,000 retailers in the Benelux. The key factor in Luxaflex’s success is that the company offers optimal support to its dealers that sell the Luxaflex product line.

Luxaflex redesigned its loyalty concept and decided to develop a shop-in-shop concept for its dealerships that is aimed to attract, inspire and captivate consumers. The high-level goal of that strategy is to enhance the overall shopping experience, increase the dealer support offering and grow overall sales significantly.

Within the stores, the challenges were very clear: Sales personnel had trouble keeping up with the ever-changing product range, and they struggled with conveying the inspiration behind the product and feeling of the product to the customer. Consumers will only make a final purchase decision if they can visualise the chosen product in their home environment.

Luxaflex decided that a palette of deliverables and communication elements was the answer to challenges it faced in engaging more with their customers. The combination of collection books in the shops, in-store mock-ups, digital signage and digital interaction fulfil that objective.

Certified Scala Partner QYN was chosen to install a combined digital signage and interactive kiosk concept for the Luxaflex Gallery and Inspiration shops.

The central point of the shop is the Luxaflex kiosk unit with a 32-inch touch screen with dynamic signage functionality, the so-called Focus Module.

When the kiosk application is not in use, the screen will show a varied content mix: a series of atmosphere images aimed to inspire customers, service offerings and brand messaging. This content is designed to pull shoppers to the unit and keep them entertained while they wait.

When customers touch the screen, the unit converts to an interactive kiosk that displays a growing number of applications. Elements such as product searches, product advice and home energy saving information help consumers to choose the right product. It also serves as an invaluable tool to help sales personnel and to support their sales pitch.

With the Imagine Studio component of the kiosk, customers can visualise their product choice by showing the product in the appropriate chosen colour in a realistic home setting. The results of the configuration can be saved, and sales personnel can access the result database in a closed environment on the screen for their prospect follow-up actions.

The digital signage content on the kiosk gives the customers the opportunity to get inspired, to pre-select appropriate products and to get information about these products while they are waiting for a salesperson to serve them. The salesperson also uses the kiosk during the sales pitch to inform the customer about the best solution for him or her that Luxaflex can offer.

Window coverings are products that must be felt, sensed, experienced and seen in the environment in which they will be placed. This is all possible with the digital signage solution that QYN has installed for Luxaflex. The way a product looks is very different with or without the effect of (sun) light shining on a window. With realistic imaging on the kiosk, various light settings can be viewed by customers based on their product choices. That is something that cannot be conveyed by pictures in a book. And that’s why the kiosks are key for Luxaflex’s sales process.

Luxaflex’s shop-in-shop concept is very successful. Dealers appreciate the enhanced dealer support and innovative approach that the concept offers. Sales are said to be going up. Consumers tend to dwell longer and report a better overall shopping experience. More than 300 shops have gone live in two years, and the network keeps growing. And: the concept is still evolving. QYN updates the content on a regular basis and the possibilities to expand the applications of the kiosks are said to be endless.