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London auction house installs wireless sound system for moveable gallery space

Phillips Auction House in Mayfair’s Berkley Square, London has been fitted with a Sonab wireless sound system, as specified by award-winning architect Aukett Swanke. The sound system works with the moveable walls and ceilings in the art gallery, which also features state-of-the-art lighting.

SSE Audio used the lighting tracks fitted by creative lighting specialist Studio ZNA to mount a Sonab System 9 for wireless sound. The newly installed sound system covers two floors of the building including gallery, auction space, VIP skyboxes, reception and conference rooms.

The target of the project was to achieve a flexible, unobtrusive sound system with adjustable zone volumes, all compatible with a UK listed building. Gallery manager, Ian Bell commented: “The Sonab speakers were used across two floors with large galleries and perfectly integrated with the in-house system hassle free. They provided excellent quality sound for both music and speech.”

The Sonab 9 sound system provides flexibility in speaker placement, which was critical for a design that featured moveable walls and ceilings. The system delivers sound for both music and speech, and is able to play music from any source with no time delay. Developed for changing interior designs, the Sonab System 9 can have up to three WiFi channels and 10 different ID codes ensuring no interference between multiple installations in close proximity. In normal environments it has a wireless range of up to 40m, which can be extended to provide multiple placement possibilities.