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Large-format displays: seven solutions for the 4K market

Manufacturers compete for the sharpest image and offer features such as interactivity and compatibility with a variety of signal types to bolster the 4K market.

Manufacturers compete for the sharpest image and offer features such as interactivity and compatibility with a variety of signal types to bolster the 4K market.

Panasonic returns with user-friendly solution

Panasonic recently re-entered the large panel market with the LQ70 98in professional display. It offers durability through its robust design and flexibility with a wide range of possible applications.

The LQ70 can be installed in both landscape and portrait modes and is capable of 24-hour operation. Its robust design features a protective glass panel on the front of the display and an aluminium cabinet on the back offering high impact and vibration resistance. This is especially useful for rental and staging companies or for use in public spaces, such as transport hubs and shopping centres.

For 4K connectivity, DisplayPort is featured as standard.

The display is also compatible with optional boards for more specific applications, such as handling 3G-SDI for use in the broadcast and video production community. The display reproduces full HD and other non-4K sources to a high level of image quality with smooth-moving images through the Panasonic Digital Clarity Processor.

Installation is straightforward: with Digital Link, only one cable is required to carry video content, audio and control. This model also features the same bracket mounting bolt pattern as previous Panasonic displays, so customers who are upgrading can save time and reduce installation costs.

LG targets retail with lightweight display

The LG 98in UHD display, launched last year, includes a number of features that target the retail industry. The first of these is the resolution, which, at 3840 x 2160 pixels, is four times that of full HD. Secondly, there is a removable logo for brand-conscious retailers wanting to avoid misconceptions about affiliations with manufacturing companies.

Previously, for large-format displays without bezels the solution was a plasma screen. However, transporting and installing them required dedicated vehicles and reinforced walls. The introduction of LED/LCD technology has resulted in weight reductions and made displays more flexible, and so has offered an alternative to plasma screens. This also allows the end-user more creativity with installations.

Along with saving weight, another benefit over plasma is that the display can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, giving more options and flexibility for placing and positioning.

The UHD display provides an alternative to tiled videowalls, being the equivalent size to a 2 x 2 47in configuration, with the advantage of an uninterrupted image. Because the importance of resolution increases with screen size, LG is hoping for high levels of uptake from the pro AV industry for this product with its enhanced levels of detail.

Interactivity a top priority for eyevis

The eyevis EYE-LCD-9800-QHD-LD 98in display is for more than just showing content as it includes a touch surface option for presentations or collaborative applications. It has up to 32 touch points and can be used vertically as an interactive whiteboard or as a horizontal touch table.

In portrait mode the touch surface can also be used for digital signage, for multi-channel retailing at the point of sale and beyond business hours, thanks to its metal housing and its potential to be equipped with protective glass.

There is also a videowall mode, which allows the depiction of four individual full HD signals without bezels, providing an alternative to 2 x 2 videowalls consisting of four individual displays.

The 98in ultra HD display is said to be simple to assemble, with a single electricity supply and one wallmount.

BRAVIA provides up-scaling and content sharing

Sony’s 85in BRAVIA screen has 16:9 4K resolution producing over eight million pixels, four times the detail of full HD. In addition to offering detailed images, the FWD-85X9600P has a slim design and a range of features to improve convenience and ease of use within business, retail and education environments.

The first of these features is Hotel Mode, which allows the customer to copy settings from display to display via USB flash memory. Each screen also has a built-in HTML5 browser for box-free signage, allowing users to create

their own digital signage content and send it around the world. For added convenience, NFC one-touch mirroring enables videos, photos and apps to be viewed directly from a smartphone. An integrated media player gives users the ability to play videos and other media content direct from USB flash memory in different formats and resolutions.

The BRAVIA can upscale standard HD content to 4K and there is the option to turn the display into an interactive touchscreen with U-Touch overlays, which allow six multi-touch points.

The FWD-85X9600P has the flexibility to be used in many applications, helping to future-proof the solution. As for installation, it can be positioned in portrait or landscape with standard mountings and straightforward operation.

MultiSync brings high-end components and split-screen capability

The MultiSync X841UHD is an 84in IPS display with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and accurate wide colour gamut capability. It offers a range of high-end components such as DisplayPort connectivity (UHD at 60Hz), and a range of DVI and HDMI inputs as well as networking and support for OPS Slot-In PCs. Targeted applications include control rooms, CAD/CAM, medical review, professional conferencing and digital signage.

The display can be operated 24/7 and has the ability to upscale lower-resolution content to UHD using a bi-cubic 4 x 4 pixel interpolation algorithm.

The MultiSync includes multi-source management, which allows up to four different images from a variety of video inputs. For comfort there is height adjustability (130mm) and movement with swivel, tilt and pivot functionality.

In addition there are sensors that switch the screen on or off depending on whether they detect anyone present, so eliminating the risk of the device being left on needlessly. Connectivity options are diverse, with six signal inputs (DVI-D, DP, HDMI, USB) and MHL connection. NaViSet Administrator compatibility gives network-wide asset management and remote support.

Christie goes infrared with collaborative display

Christie’s FHQ841-T 84in UHD LCD display includes many features to enhance presentations in a corporate environment, while also being suitable for industries that are seeking interactive solutions for collaborative applications.

Interactivity is accomplished through infrared touch technology, which gives the display 10-point multi-touch capability. Used in landscape orientation, the FHQ841-T can be optimised for use as an interactive whiteboards or in meeting rooms. The tempered 5mm anti-glare glass surface adds durability to the display.

Planar combines durability with touch accuracy

Launched last month, the UltraRes 98in Touch from Planar offers significant improvements to durability resulting from Planar’s Extended Ruggedness and Optics (ERO) technology. The ERO optical bonding process eliminates the air gap between the protective glass and LCD screen, avoiding heat build-up between the glass and screen and so preventing damage and extending the lifespan of the display. The added durability is particularly important for interactive digital signage applications in public spaces, where the display can respond to up to 32 simultaneous touch points.

The picture quality on the LED-backlit display is described as crystal clear, even when viewed at short distances by touch users; whether 2D or 3D content is shown, Planar describes the image as ‘flawless’. Native resolution is 4K (3840 x 2160), and brightness is 500 nits.

The design features a slim, logo-free bezel. The Planar Profile Mount allows the display to be installed 4in from the wall.