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K-array speakers chosen for historic Cuban theatre

Installer/distributor All Trading Worldwide has selected K-array loudspeakers for the refit of the Gran Teatro de La Habana, located in the heart of the Cuban capital.

Recently, the Gran Teatro de La Habana – located in the Paseo del Prado in the heart of the Cuban capital – underwent an audio renovation, with installer/distributor All Trading Worldwide selecting K-array equipment. Using simulation software, All Trading designed the system to have the most even and powerful coverage for all seating while maintaining the lowest possible visual impact.

The theatre, which opened in 1838, is home of the Cuban National Ballet and the International Ballet Festival of Havana. It gained global attention in March when US President Barack Obama visited Cuba – marking the end of many decades of estrangement between the two countries – and addressed the Cuban people from the stage of this historic Havana venue.

The K-array solution is composed of eight KP102 Pythons plus a half-metre KP52 Python arrayed on both sides of the stage opening as the main system. These mid-high arrays are supported by four KMT18P subwoofers per side. The line array assures long, narrow coverage for clear sound both close to the array and in the distance. The result is that the speakers do not overpower the audience in the first row and remain highly intelligible until the last seat.

Additionally, three KAN200 Anakondas were chained and implemented under each balcony to reinforce the sound coverage of the seats closest to the stage that aren’t aligned with the main system. Two half-metre Pythons supported by a KMT12P subwoofer were set for the same purpose for the upper balcony. Six KAN200+ Anakondas were installed in front of the stage as front fill powered by a KA84 amplifier.

The installation was so precise and well executed that All Trading received an award for Best Theatre Installation from K-array at its annual distributors’ meeting.

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