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Dreamoc Diamond – mixed reality for exhibitions

The Dreamoc Diamond is a new mixed-reality display for exhibitions, malls and airports, for creating attention at exhibitions, malls and other open spaces.

The Diamond is one of the company’s largest Dreamoc models built so far, and is designed with four large panes of glass. This allows for real objects and projected 3D holographic images to be blended together and experienced from all sides of the display. For example, the display can present everything from small exclusive products like perfume – visualising all the nuances in the form of flowing animations evaporating from the real bottle – to larger products like premium suitcases or designer furniture, highlighting intricate details and features.

The Dreamoc Diamond has been designed by Danish designer Steffen Schmelling, who has previously designed products for brands including Bang & Olufsen, LG and Samsung.

Clas Dyrholm, CEO at Realfiction, said: “We are constantly working on improving ourselves, and pushing the limits for what is possible to achieve with mixed reality in social environments.

“The Dreamoc Diamond has a slimmer and more elegant cabinet, and the platform height inside the display can be adjusted to present both small and very large objects. It is also possible to add a customisable billboard on top of the cabinet to attract even more attention. The display takes no more than an hour to assemble.”

Stand: 15-A250