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Addressing the need for outdoor signage displays through HDBaseT

LG is promoting its XE4F HDBaseT-enabled outdoor digital signage displays, while highlighting the critical need for 'advanced' outdoor signage displays

In promoting its XE4F display, LG has highlighted the increasingly critical need for advanced outdoor signage displays, and the work of the company along with the HDBaseT Alliance of which it is a co-founder is addressing these requirements.

LG has been promoting its XE4F HDBaseT-enabled outdoor digital signage displays which as well as being slim, lightweight, and armed with adjusted brightness for use in direct sunlight, comes with the promise of reduced maintenance costs thanks to the plug-and-play HDBaseT technology.

“Addressing the need for advanced outdoor signage displays is increasingly critical, and we work on providing a slim form-factor, filter-less sealed cooling system and HDBaseT connectivity for outdoor displays,” said Mr Lee, senior engineer at LG. “The XE4F represents our commitment to deliver next-generation solutions that best meet our customersā€™ needs, such as superior viewability in the challenging outdoor environment. With HDBaseT, the XE4F further enhances the overall experience.”

Tzahi Madgar, president of the HDBaseT Alliance, added, “As one of the co-founders of the HDBaseT Alliance, LG has been deeply embedded in our activities over the past ten years, and continues to contribute to the success of HDBaseT technology. As a leader in the outdoor display market, LG continues to pave the way for other players in the market to leverage HDBaseT for digital signage, to the benefit of the AV industry as a whole.”