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Crestron unveils ‘revolutionary’ managed network OS

The new MC3 Control System is the first to incorporate the Power of 3 managed operating system.

The new MC3 Control System is the first to incorporate the Power of 3 managed operating system. As the foundation of an enterprise network infrastructure, Power of 3 is described as the industry’s first centralised backbone that integrates AV, environmental systems and global enterprise management on a single, robust platform.

“This platform is the core of the new AV, part of integrated building management on the digital network,” said Randy Klein, Creston’s executive vice president. “As an industry, we have to stop thinking only about AV as a standalone system and start thinking about the future. Our Power of 3 operating system firmly establishes us as the epicentre of the managed enterprise network.”

Based on an IT design rather than a traditional AV approach, Power of 3 was developed over four years and offers the ability to run multiple independent programs seamlessly and simultaneously. Modular programming allows integrators to separate and compartmentalise programming functions for every system, and only update the sub-system being changed. Moreover, because each module is independent, a restart or upload of one program does not affect the whole system.

“Technology moves incredibly fast; whereas 15 years ago buildings were 70% construction and 30% systems, today buildings are 70% systems and 30% construction,” observed Fred Bargetzi, Crestron’s vic president of technology. “These systems must be networked, managed and controlled in ways that are fundamentally different than ever before. Power of 3 performs these tasks effortlessly.”

The first system to be built on Power of 3 technology, the MC3 provides a platform for fully-integrated control of entertainment, AV and environmental systems in commercial buildings, schools, hotels and casinos, homes, command centre, and multi-campus environments. Rapid processing, integrated infiNET EX wireless support, modular programming capabilities and simplified implementation are among the features of this new control solution.