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InfoComm 2024: G&D launches new dynamic workplace tech

G&D says DynamicWorkplace-CON enables the consolidation of several CON modules and the associated monitors

G&D North America (G&D) will be introducing its new DynamicWorkplace-CON at Infocomm, which runs from June 12 to June 14. The technology can be integrated with a digital G&D matrix system to create a complete installation.

G&D says the DynamicWorkplace-CON enables the consolidation of several CON modules and the associated monitors. It has been designed to facilitate the display of all relevant information on one, or more, high-resolution monitors. G&D says this integration leads to a reduction in the physical workload for users, and at the same time improves reaction times for critical decisions.

The multi-viewing function of the workplace module makes it possible to operate up to eight sources on up to four monitors at the same time. The integration into existing G&D matrix systems is specially designed for use in demanding environments. Users can adjust the arrangement of individual signal sources in real time, providing flexibility and control on a KVM installation.

The window manager of the new workplace module allows the free positioning and management of individual windows. It is also possible to arrange monitors as desired and move windows beyond the boundaries of the monitors. As the DynamicWorkplace-CON is connected to the KVM matrix system, the operator has access to an unlimited number of applications to view and control over the four monitors.

In addition, audio signals, serial signals and USB devices from any source can be individually assigned and used. The DynamicWorkplace-CON offers users an ergonomic view of all critical data without having to divert their gaze from a central point.

G&D will also showcase the seven new variants of their PersonalWorkplace-Controller. These variants offer a range of connectivity options, accommodating anywhere from nine to 27 sources. They also provide display capabilities featuring up to four 5K/60 outputs along with a mirrored HD output.

The use of multi-viewing at operator consoles allows multiple visual sources to be monitored and controlled simultaneously. This advanced feature can be used in surveillance systems, or live productions such as concerts, sporting events or television broadcasts. Directors and technicians can monitor multiple camera angles simultaneously to quickly switch between different angles to choose the best cut.

At InfoComm, the German KVM manufacturer will be showcasing various solutions for these applications from its portfolio at booth W745 from June 12 to 14.

The company complements its offerings at InfoComm with an invitation to networking at the “G&D German Premium Beer & Pretzel Happy Hour”. Attendees gather at booth W745 can enjoy premium German beer and pretzels while exploring the question of “what’s possible with high-performance KVM”?