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Barco introduces new digital cinema projectors

The new Series-II devices are based on the latest DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments.

The new Series-II devices are based on the latest DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments. The new, six-model-strong DP2K product line is said to build on the proven benefits of Barco’s DP series while simultaneously “anticipating” 4K and taking account of 3D’s “spectacular rise”.

For small and mid-size movie theatres, there is a dedicated line of compact DP2K C-series projectors, based on Texas Instruments’ 0.98in DLP Cinema chip. Within this C-series, the portfolio includes individual models for screens up to 12, 15 and 20m wide respectively. For larger venues, Barco offers the ultra-bright DP2K B-series, integrating TI’s 1.2in DLP Cinema chip and providing dedicated models for screens up to 19 and 23m wide. The flagship for the large chip range is the DP2K-32B (pictured), which can illuminate screens up to 32m wide at “unrivalled” light levels.

“Our new DP2K product family not only represents the most complete line of 3D-ready cinema projectors on the market, it also includes the brightest 3D digital cinema projector in the world,” said Barco’s VP digital cinema in North America, Todd Hoddick.”Thanks to its first-rate optical design and superior lamp efficiency, the unique DP2K-32B enjoys a record light output in excess of 33,000 lumens, making it the brightest digital cinema projector on the planet. For moviegoers, this superior light output translates into an unrivalled visual 3D experience.”

The new projects share a common modular platform – a feature that is said to herald “significantly reduced costs” – while the proprietary Communicator software included with each device enables easy operation in a networked environment. All six projectors are fully compliant with the latest DCI and SMPTE specifications.

Invited to comment on the outlook for new generation cinema devices, VP of Barco’s Digital Cinema division, Wim Buyens, told IE: “We’re ramping up for a great year in terms of production capacity, and that’s the organisation’s priority one. We had a record year in 2009 and 2010 is definitely shaping up to break that record, with almost a doubling in capacity and overall projector output.”

Buyens went on to emphasise that, with Series-II, the company has “a fit for every screen” and has created “a commonality of parts and components”. He added: “For the exhibitor, this means that uptime is second to none, and we’re very proud of this at Barco. Series-II is not just a new projector housing, it’s a fundamental redesign with long-term customer benefits in terms of quality, functionality, connectivity and cost of ownership.”