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AVM provides three ‘Master Classes’ for Havant Academy

The Master Classes employ a combination of HD and short throw projectors, surround sound system, media playback and interactive whiteboards. AVM has also supplied classroom projectors and a digital signage system.

Havant Academy in Hampshire, UK has been working with AVM Education to design and install three bespoke Master Classes, designed to re-shape traditional teaching methods. Students these days are all digital natives; Havant Academy wanted to take advantage of this to deliver the most modern teaching environments that utilise technology in order to engage and inspire students.

The largest of the three Master Classes, the Literacy Master Class, is built within the old school gymnasium. This is a multi-purpose space designed to enable up to 90 students to participate in learning activity in various configurations, either as one large group or up to five smaller individual groups.

The space is based around five full HD projectors positioned around the top of the room. They project across each other onto a stretched fabric ‘tent’ to provide full 360 degree projection capability.

The system includes a modern surround sound system, as well as a Blu Ray player and iPod docking station. The system is fully controlled and managed by a Crestron Digital Media System.

“The Master Classes give us the opportunity to move away from the traditional classroom setup and push boundaries in relation to how we deliver the curriculum,” said Richard Markey, IT director at Havant Academy. “We wanted to take the learning experience a step further and create more innovative, immersive environments. We have noticed a much higher level of engagement and the students are more immersed in the teaching content.”

The second Master Class is the Technology Master Class which is based around two large whiteboards and interactive projectors at the front of the room that can display content from a camera installed in the ceiling. The camera can pan around the room and zoom in on a student’s work or an object, or display an experiment taking place so that students don’t have to crowd around a desk to see what’s going on.

Finally, the Science Master Class includes interactive whiteboards and short throw projectors in a lecture theatre style, with a demonstration area in the centre of the room.

In addition to the Master Classes, AVM Education also supplied and installed 30 classrooms with Epson interactive projectors along with ceiling and wall speakers and 12 Samsung digital signage screens around the Academy, including a 2×2 screen video wall in the reception area.