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RH Consulting releases new report on networked audio adoption

Now in its seventh year of reporting, audio consultancy RH Consulting has released its latest ‘state of the union’ on networked audio products, covering Dante, RAVENNA, AVB, MILAN and other protocols.

In this latest report, the number of products on the market exceeds 2,500 for the first time and there are now over 300 manufacturers selling products with audio-over-IP capabilities.

“The report shows that the growth of networked audio products continues apace with the release of roughly one new product a day,” noted RH Consulting’s Roland Hemming.

It also highlights a 50% increase in AES67 compatibility, driven by the two leading protocols, Dante and RAVENNA. AES67 is the interoperability standard for audio-over-IP published in 2013.

“Compiling the report is always a fascinating exercise as it provides empirical data on the adoption of networked audio, which can only be of benefit to anyone involved. Clearly, the advent of AES67 has had a big impact on adoption – as it was intended to do – and ST2110 will probably have a similar effect, although we don’t have enough data on that yet.”

The full report may be seen here: